Fire Prevention Division

The Fire Prevention Division is commanded by a Fire Official and manages all fire prevention and public relations activities for the Department.  This Unit gives fundamental guidance to our citizens through educational programs directed to all segments of our society.  The Fire Prevention Division’s commitment to our Field Forces is manifested through their involvement in " Fire Prevention Open House" presented by Gibbsboro Fire Company.

Fire Marshal

The Fire Marshal's Office is directed by the Fire Official who holds the title of "Fire Marshal". This Office has the responsibility of investigating the origin and cause of all fires in the Borough utilizing a "Deputy Fire Marshal" to assist. The investigators from the Fire Marshal's Office also work closely with other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to develop criminal cases for prosecution. The experience gained from investigations becomes an integral part of the public safety programs presented by the Fire Prevention Division.

Fire Code Unit

The Fire Code Unit is responsible for inspection, review and/or approval of  the requirements in the 2006 Uniform Fire Code, NJ Edition when approval is required.  The primary task of the Unit is to administer and perform inspections for all businesses through requirements of the Fire Code.  The Unit is also responsible for permits under the Fire Code and approving the use or installation of the following:

  • -Fireworks and explosives
  • -Liquefied petroleum gas tanks/welding permits
  • -Discontinuing a water service feeding fire protection equipment
  • -Cooking and tents permits
  • -Temporary use of propane heaters

The Unit is located at the Fire Marshals Office, 49 Kirkwood Road, Gibbsboro NJ. The telephone number is 856-783-6655 Ext. 151 and hours of operations is part-time. All inspections can be scheduled, questions can be answered by leaving a message on our Administration number and we will return your call as quickly as possible.