Fire Inspection Requirements for Home
Sale or Rental Change of Occupancy

Uniform Fire Code requires before the change of occupancy (home sale or change of renter), the owner shall obtain a Smoke Detector Carbon Monoxide Alarm Certificate (CSDCMAC) in any 1-family or 2-family dwelling unit and also in apartment units. If you live in a home, the homeowner/realtor is responsible for scheduling an inspection. If you live in an apartment, the management company is responsible for scheduling and inspection.

New Jersey Fire Code mandates the following when

selling or renting your 1 or 2 family home.

****************** Starting January 1, 2019 *********************

10 year sealed battery smoke alarms will be required; non-sealed battery smoke alarms WILL NOT Be accepted.


• Alarms shall be on every level, including the basement shall be within 10 feet of the bedrooms.

• The alarms should be mounted on the ceiling must be 4 inches minimum and 12 inches maximum from the ceiling. They must be 4 inches from any corner, and a minimum of 3 feet from any air registers

• Smoke alarms, including hard wired, must be under 10 years old.

• Please be sure to refer to the manufactures instructions.


• On each level that has sleeping areas, and installed in the vicinity of the bedrooms.

• They can be mounted on ceilings or walls with no height restrictions.

• CO alarms must be under 5 years old.

• Please be sure to refer to the manufactures instructions.


• A portable fire extinguisher shall be installed in all one and two family dwelling upon change of tenancy.

• Extinguisher size shall be a 5 lb 2A:10 BC rating and no larger than a 10 lb 4A:60BC rating.

• The extinguisher shall be charged, operable and MOUNTED in plain view, within 10 ft. of the kitchen and not mounted behind doors, blocked by furniture or in a cabinet.


• The fee for the fire safety inspection is: 10 or more days - $ 45.00

                                                                  4-10 days -          $ 90.00

                                                                  4 days or less -    $ 161.00

• A re-inspection will occur if any of the above mandates fail and will also result in an additional $ 35.00 fee for each additional re-inspection.

• Payment can be made by check or money order to GIBBSBORO BUREAU OF FIRE SAFETY”, at time of application. No payment accepted on site.

5) FAQ

• If you have a Fire Alarm System , you will be required to know how to operate it. The alarm must be placed on “test” through the alarm company before we can test the alarm. You must know alarm codes, how to silence and reset the alarm. If the system is monitored, the alarm must still “sound” and you will still need to know the codes to silence and reset.

• If electric or hard-wired interconnected alarms need to be replaced due to age, they shall be replaced with hard-wired alarms. Battery Alarms are

Smoke Detectors

Each level of the dwelling is required to have a smoke detector. The detectors are battery or electric powered, depending on the year the house was built:

  • Before 1977   -   Battery powered detector in hall adjacent to bedrooms.
  • 1977 - 1980    - Electric powered detector in hall adjacent to bedrooms, battery powered detectors on remaining levels.
  • 1981 - 1983    - Electric powered, interconnected in hall adjacent to bedrooms and basement, if applicable.
  • 1984 - 1990    -  Electric powered, interconnected detectors on all levels.
  • 1991 - 1992    -  Electric powered, interconnected detectors in all bedrooms, in vicinity of bedrooms and on all levels.
  • 1992 - Present -  Electric powered, interconnected detectors in all bedrooms, in vicinity of bedrooms and on all levels with battery powered back up.

Carbon Monoxide detectors

Carbon Monoxide detectors must be in all dwellings, except those not containing fuel-burning appliances or do not have an attached garage (open parking structure is not an attached garage).

Carbon Monoxide detectors may be battery powered or plug in type or hard-wired and installed on wall, ceiling or in accordance to manufacture's installation instructions.